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Introduction to SCD Merge Wizard?

SCD Merge Wizard or fully named Slowly Changing Dimension Merge Wizard is an application which will help you generate T-SQL statement for merging data from two tables into one table in minutes. At the end, generated T-SQL statement can be used to replace Microsoft's SSIS Slowly Changing Dimension component.

If you are working on Business Intelligance (BI) systems, than you probably spent a lot of time dealing with Microsoft's Slowly Changing Dimension component in SSIS. As you may noticed, this component works very slow for larger data sets and/or tables with large number of columns. Microsoft knows about this problem, but obviously they don't want to upgrade SCD component.

Also, this component supports only SCD type 1 and 2 transformation, which is not enough for some projects.

There are many alternatives but many of them are not free of charge. The only free alternative is to write the T-SQL code to implement this, but that can be very time consuming and chance to make an error is very high! I don't want to mention modifying such query.

Fortunately, SCD Merge Wizard is here to help you build that query in minutes.

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